The number of HES Appointments



The average cost of referral to HES



The number of LOCs actively tendering for LES

What makes our process State-Of-The-Art

We have developed an intuitive solution that allows optometrists to record patient pathways, securely using any
device they see fit from laptops and tablets to smartphones

The Benefits of our New Business System


Easy to use system that makes recording episodes and managing the associated data
and invoicing a breeze.

Minimal training required

Staff will require little training as the system is so straightforward to use, plus they have a
Step-By-Step User Guide to help them get started, it's that easy.

Minimal administration required, with one click invoice generation

Handle invoicing through an intuitive interface that streamlines the whole process.

Advanced reporting tools, allowing you to demonstrate efficacy of the services provided

Comprehensive yet simple reports allow for data to be visualised and the benfits demonstrated.

Team of 8 support staff

Peace of mind for any issues you may have - call our highly trained UK Support Team and they will help.

Why Choose Us?

No set up fees

Avoid the risk of solutions with an initial set up fee - Enhanced Pathways is free to setup.

No lengthy contracts

Avoid being tied to a solution that requires you to commit to long term contracts - Enhanced Pathways has no long term contracts.

No minimum monthly requirements

Use the system as little or as much as is required, out percentage based pricing model means its fair whatever your level of usage.

low cost PAYG model

Pay-As-You-Go service with a fair percentage pricing model.